Jyn’s age in “Rogue One” will make you feel like you have not accomplished enough today

You might have seen Rogue One once, you might have seen it twice. Maybe you’ve even seen the latest Star Wars movie half a dozen times, if not more. And now, with this next piece of Rogue One trivia, you’re either going to rush out and see the movie again, or completely rethink all your New Year’s resolutions (some of which you might have already broken, it’s okay).

If you really want to take a step back and reevaluate your entire life, we now know how old Jyn Erso is during the events of Rogue One. Surely, someone who’s smart, tough, and kickass enough to start the chain of events that brings down the Empire has to be like, late 20s. Maybe even 30s! She’s really wise, you know.

But nope. Jyn is — are you ready for this — 21.

Now think abut what YOU were doing at age 21. You were probably not stealing a stolen ship to lead a band of rebels into the heart of the Empire, and you know, blow some stuff up. You were probably like, “what is this alcohol stuff I keep hearing about?”

In the novelization of Rogue One, the movie’s timeline is clearly laid out, with dates and everything. As the book explains, that first scene of the movie — where Krennic comes for Jyn’s dad, Galen – she is supposed to be 8-years-old. When we next meet Jyn, we’re 13 years in the future, and 8+13=21.

Jyn is 21-years-old, and wow, suddenly I feel like I haven’t done enough today.

The Wookiepedia page for Jyn lists her as being born in 22 BBY (BBY = Before Battle of Yavin, aka, the first time the Rebels blew up the Death Star), and that all lines up with this timeline, too. And now if you want to feel even worse about your accomplishments-to-date, don’t forget that Rey is supposed to be 19 during Force Awakens.

…and Princess Leia (and Luke) are both supposed to be 19 during A New Hope.


Clearly, Jyn’s age shouldn’t surprise us too much, since Star Wars has always revolved around young, fierce fighters. And besides, as Star Wars clearly knows, young females are strong as hell.

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