There’s now a video to show you how to braid your hair like Justine Skye’s epic ponytail and it is mesmerizing

Have you always wanted your hair to look like Justine Skye’s epic ponytail braid?

Well, now you’re in luck, thanks to this video by Elle that shows exactly how it’s done.

But first, what’s the latest with Justine Skye?

ICYMI, the 21-year-old singer just released her latest single, “U Don’t Know.”

Justine’s first EP, Everyday Living, helped her get a deal with Atlantic Records thanks to her cover of Drake’s “Headlines.” After over 100,000 views of that video on YouTube, Justine only became more popular.

And now she performs in front of tons of people.

And where did her love of purple hair come from?

At 16, Justine left high school to be home schooled so she could focus more on her career.I feel like that was the start of my transitioning into the confidence and being able to experiment and try new things,” she told Fader. “…I feel like purple really has defined who I am.”

She also ~loves~ unicorns and is known as The Purple Unicorn.

“I was in the studio one day, we’d just finished recording and the band was like ‘This is magical, you’re like a unicorn,’” she told Fader. “I was like, wow I am a unicorn. After that I just stuck with it, and changed all my screen names to the Purple Unicorn. This is me, I am magical and I want to spread my magic.”

Okay, who else wants some of this cake?!

We’d say Justine certainly is spreading her magic — when it comes to her hair, too.

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for — to see how Justine’s ponytail braid was done. Guingui (who also braided Kitty Cash’s 14 million-times-viewed star braid) did the honors.

Here’s the DL.

Step one.


Step two.


Step three.


Step four.


Step five.


The final ~amazing~ result.


And you can watch the ~addictive~ how-Justine’s-hair-was-braided video here:

And, after all is said and braided, you can let your hair down for equally gorgeous results.