Justin Trudeau is amazing at yoga, wows the Internet

Let’s count the ways Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has captured our hearts. He’s proud to be a feminist — in fact, when asked why he made half of his cabinet women, he responded simply, “Because it’s 2015.” In July of last year, he became the first Canadian PM to ever march in an LGBTQ+ pride parade. Oh, and a few less important (but still adorbs) ways: He’s *such* a romantic, and he loses his cool when holding panda cubs. OK, we’ve covered most of the major bases. But now, the Canadian PM is knocking it out of the park once again — this time, with photos from his past depicting his amazing yoga skills.

Last week, a photo of Justin Trudeau in the yoga pose Mayurasana — also called the “peacock pose” went totally viral and has been shared thousands of times. The photo was originally taken in 2011  and posted in 2013 by freelance photographer Gregory Kolz, according to the Ottawa Citizen, but it went viral after being posted to Facebook by Toronto yoga teacher David Gellineau.

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