Justin Trudeau had the perfect response to the Women’s March in Canada, because, of course he did

There are some leaders who always manage to say the right thing at the right time (which is refreshing, as there are also many who don’t), and Justin Trudeau’s response to the women’s march was characteristic of his empathetic and sensitive nature. There’s a reason he’s one of our favorite feminists!

Referring to the many Canadians who stepped out to support women’s rights this weekend, Trudeau tweeted a grateful and supportive message to all those marching and emphasized why it’s always important to voice your opinion.

Trudeau is clearly proud of his country and hopeful for the future.

Isn’t he just…the best guy?

via giphyWho also happens to proudly operate one of the best Snapchat accounts?


But kidding aside, peaceful protests are a hallmark or modern democracies, and a leader supporting his or her people’s right to do so should be the norm — not the exception. So while we love how much Trudeau embraced the marches happening across his country, we’re also sad that we live in a world where his words of support are news-worthy.

And whether or not you participated in the marches for women’s rights, the plans of action don’t have to stop there. Some ways to keep the momentum going are getting informed about local politicians, contacting representatives, and checking the women’s march website itself for new lists of actions (it updates regularly).

Also, you probably already know this, but Trudeau’s Twitter account is full of positivity, so when you’re feeling in need of a pick-me-up, it’s a reliable place to go!

H/T: Cosmo