Justin Trudeau shared a playlist of his favorite Canadian artists, and he loves Drake as much as we do

We all love Justin Trudeau. There’s no doubt about it. And now that Justin Trudeau has made a playlist of Canadian artists, we love him even more. Now here’s the thing about the Prime Minister: He’s charming as can be! Even the Queen of England herself wasn’t immune to his charms.

He even apologized for simply forgetting to talk about Alberta in his Canada speech! We love everything he does, and we even come up with our own fantasies about it. Like when he went on a “first date” with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. We just love Trudeau, and that’s nothing to be ashamed about.

So now he’s giving us his music choices, and we’re swooning.

But are we really surprised that we love anything and everything Trudeau does? Again, he’s pretty charming.

His playlist is pretty much every Canadian artists known to man. And yes, that includes Drake, Shawn Mendes, and even Hedley. You know who he left out? Nickelback. Knew we loved Trudeau for a reason!

Now if you look at the playlist, it is pretty much all Canadian artists. And maybe that was the point! He is, after all, the Canadian Prime Minister. In his defense, he does have Robert Plant on there.

If you thought that Trudeau forgot Drake or Justin Bieber, don’t worry. They’re both on there. Drake’s “Signs” comes in at number three, and “Despacito,” the summer hit of 2017, takes Trudeau’s 30th spot. Honestly, it is just fun to think of him dancing around to it. Actually, it’s fun just thinking of Trudeau dancing in general.

So now that we know his taste in music, it just makes Justin Trudeau that much more enjoyable. He’s beautiful, he’s kind, and he has a lot of song choices that make us go, “Oh my god, he’s such a dad.” So what’s your favorite song on Trudeau’s summer playlist? And take your time picking, there’s a lot of good options!