Justin Trudeau will be Canada’s first PM to march in a LGBTQ+ pride parade

Newly appointed liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau certainly has made a lot of headlines since his election this past November. First off, he’s a proud feminist who credits his mother for raising him to be one – in fact, when asked last year why half his appointed cabinet was made up of women, he simply responded, “Because it’s 2015.” He’s also a class act of a husband, whose love story with his wife is worthy of a trilogy of romance novels. Also, let’s just go ahead and say what we’re all really thinking: he’s very handsome and speaks French.

We kind of have a huge collective crush on this guy – because on top of all that, he’s also a huge advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Just after he was elected Prime Minister, Trudeau posed for a photo with Scott Brison, one of the few Members of Parliament who is openly gay, and his adorable family. And now, Trudeau is about to make history by becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister ever to march in an LGBTQ+ pride parade: the Toronto Pride Parade, on July 3.

According to BuzzFeed Canada, Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois is extremely excited about Trudeau’s participation in the event.

“[It’s] big news in Canada but big news around the world,” Chantelois told BuzzFeed Canada. “Not only because he is probably the sexiest politician alive but also because there has never been a leader of a country to walk in a parade, at least not that we know of.”

See? Sexiest politician alive. We aren’t the only ones who think so. How can you not, with all the amazing things this man stands for?

Chantelois went on to tell BuzzFeed Canada that Trudeau, whom he spoke to recently at his Ottawa office, was surprised and excited to hear that he’d be the first Canadian Prime Minister to march in the parade, as well as showed real commitment to LGBT issues.

“When we met him in his office, he was really serious about talking about trans rights, about equal rights, about immigration, about gay men donating blood,” Chantelois added. “All these things are very important topics for him.”

Though Trudeau’s presence at the parade makes history, it won’t be his first appearance at the event, or at similar ones. Last summer, he attended the 37th annual Vancouver Pride Parade & Festival – where one attendee was so excited to see him she literally jumped on him, while two others joined in on the embrace. Which could be totally scary, but Trudeau took it in stride.

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