Canada’s boyfriend (and prime minister) Justin Trudeau adorably apologized for forgetting to mention Alberta in his Canada Day speech

Justin Trudaeu is always a charmer, even when he messes up. Yesterday, for Canada Day 150, aka the 150th birthday of Canada, Trudeau gave a speech. But while he was speaking, Trudeau forgot to mention one of the provinces in Canada. Yikes.

It didn’t take the prime minister long to realize, and Justin Trudeau apologized for forgetting Alberta on stage and in a tweet, but you can almost feel how much he was cringing at his mistake. Trudeau was giving a little shout out to the diversity of the country and said, “We may live in British Columbia, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador. But we embrace that diversity while knowing in our hearts that we are all Canadians.”

D’oh! According to CNN, the providence in Canada was in Trudeau’s prepared text with the rest, but as he was talking, his brain just skipped over Alberta. What a time and place to make that kind of mistake.

Canadian Twitter immediately caught on to it and went wild, given the fact that Alberta is not exactly a forgettable place. It’s home to four million people! They were rightly feeling a little left out.

FWIW, Trudeau apologized for forgetting Alberta right away.

Before the event was over, he said he was sorry, saying, “Alberta, I love you.” He then went on Twitter to atone for his brain fart.

Of course, people were not about to let him off easy. false

It was an honest mistake, and at least people seem to have a sense of humor about him flubbing a speech about the wonders of Canada on its 150th birthday celebration. Let’s be real: If we asked a handful of American politicians to name every state in America quickly, how many do you think would get them all right away? There are a lot more states than Canadian provinces, but we think we can be a little forgiving on such a big holiday.

Other than that flub, the speech was a hit, as Trudeau also honored the indigenous people of Canada, and acknowledged that they are often oppressed even in the modern day. And hey, at least he knows that he goofed up. Now there’s no way he’ll ever forget Alberta again.

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