Justin Trudeau just settled the “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie debate

Justin Trudeau is everybody’s favorite prime minister these days. He may have stepped into hot water now, though, by weighing in on one of the most hotly-contested debates in pop culture history. The question was posed to him on a morning television show, and he answered without hesitation, saying that yes, Trudeau believes Die Hard is officially a Christmas movie.

Does this mean we all have to stop having this debate now? Does one man’s word on the matter count as final, since he’s the head of a national governmental body? Earlier this year, Trudeau won Halloween as Clark Kent. But we’re not sure that we’re ready to let him have the last say on this Christmas convo. Maybe only Canadians have to believe the matter settled, and it’s up to the rest of us to petition our own governments to pass down a verdict on this extremely important topic. Can we get the U.N. on the line, please?

In case you were unaware, the question of Die Hard being a Christmas movie has been around for years now. Facts in favor of the yes vote: The movie takes place at Christmas. Facts in favor of the no vote: The movie has nothing to do with Christmas, and is an action vehicle starring Bruce Willis.

Now that it’s the holiday season, the Die Hard debate is back in full swing.

There are many fervent believers on both sides, and they’ve got allies in morning television shows who are prepared to ask the question of world leaders. You know, just to check on how they feel about this.

And for Justin Trudeau, the ayes have it.

Will the “no”s be able to forgive Trudeau for this betrayal? Will the “yes”s embrace him as their new leader? The debate rages on, and probably always will. false

But at least we now know where the Prime Minister of Canada stands on the matter.

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