Holy avocado: Justin Trudeau and Antoni from Queer Eye are going to have brunch together

When it comes to our dream brunch scenario, we can think of no better guest than Queer Eye star and avocado enthusiast Antoni Porowski. And now, Canada is about to live out our dreams, because Porowski and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are having brunch together this August for Montreal’s Pride weekend.

HuffPost Canada reported that the brunch is part of a fundraising initiative for the country’s Liberal Party. The special event will take place on August 19th in honor of Montreal’s Pride weekend, and the brunch conversation will reportedly focus on the “importance of Pride and Canada’s contributions to the world today.” However, as the Montreal Gazette notes, Porowski won’t be cooking that day.

But it gets even more exciting, because if you live in Canada, you can actually join them. According to the Liberal Party’s website, any Canadian citizen can go as long as they’re willing to pay $75 to $350 for a ticket. And the party is also hosting a contest, which closes on August 2nd, to send one lucky Canadian to dine with Trudeau and Porowski for free. Party donors will automatically be entered, but you reportedly don’t have to give money to have a chance at victory.

The party announced the brunch and the contest on July 28th.

As the Canadian site CTV News notes, Porowski was born and raised in Montreal (he’s the only Canadian member of the Fab Five).

Trudeau, who’s been prime minister since 2015, has been applauded for his efforts to reach out to the Canadian LGBTQ2 community. In November 2017, he even offered an official apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians for the systemic oppression they have faced at the hands of the government.

We’re jealous of the Canadian citizens who have the chance to brunch with both Trudeau and Porowski, but we’re glad the two are teaming up for such an amazing cause.

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