Justin Timberlake just penned a new song (and it’s a theme song)

It seems like Justin Timberlake is always up to something — cracking jokes on Ellen or judging Lip Sync Battles on Jimmy Fallon. He’s basically the ultimate talk show guest, which he just solidified in a big way: This week, he visited Seth Meyers and appeared in a hilarious video sketch.

It starts with Justin walking into Seth’s office and announcing that he’s written a new theme song for the show. “The one thing I haven’t done: I haven’t written a theme song for a late-night talk show,” he says. Awesome! If Justin Timberlake wrote it, it’s bound to be great, right? Well, kind of. It’s good, but it’s not quite what Seth — or the audience — expected.

Justin pulls out a piece of paper and begins singing. But, oops — the lyrics reference and rhyme with Jimmy Fallon, not Seth Meyers! “Here’s what I think. I think you wrote that song for Jimmy Fallon, and he said no,” Seth says in response.

So Justin tries again, performing rejected theme songs for Colbert, John Oliver, James Corden and Charlie Rose. But Seth isn’t having it — these weren’t written for him, they were written for the other guys! You’ve got to see the full sketch for yourself:

We see what you did there, Justin — in writing a theme song for one late-night talk show host, you really wrote one for ALL of them! Well, most everyone. Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Larry Wilmore were missing. We bet Justin knocked on their office doors next and tried to sell them the used tunes.

(Featured image via YouTube)