Justin Timberlake and T-Swift make a killer comedic duo, just saying

What happens when the powers of Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift combine? No, we don’t get beautiful music. Instead, we get some killer comedy routines. We know that they’re both funny in their own right — since Justin is basically an honorary SNL member, and Taylor is always quick with a quip — but together, they might be the comedy duo of our dreams.

Last night, the two headed to the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where Justin received a the Innovator Award, and 1989 was up for awards in basically every single category. Taylor, of course, won a few. But when her name was called for Best Lyrics for “Blank Space” it was Justin who immediately rose to his feet to claim the prize.

First the two freak out over the win for a second, and then Justin mouths “Me? ME?” and Taylor excitedly mouths back “You!” That’s all Justin needs to begin his walk to the podium, and he makes it pretty far before turning back to Taylor. They hug, and the whole thing is just too cute. Considering they can make viral moments like these, seriously why haven’t the collaborated on a song before? Can this be the squad’s next project?

Taylor also got the last joke of the night, when she reminded everyone once again that the often-confused lyric in “Blank Space” is ex-lovers. Not Starbucks lovers. Ten points to Taylor Swift.

Watch the whole thing go down, including Swift’s hilarious acceptance speech, right here:


BONUS: This post-awards Tay-Tay tweet. As if we needed another reason to love this lady.

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