Justin Timberlake shared the cutest Father’s Day picture with his son Silas

It’s JT’s first Father’s Day, and he could not be more pumped. His son, Silas, born in April to the ever-radiant Jessica Biel, appeared on Justin’s Instagram wearing the most adorable “I <3 Dad” onesie we’ve ever seen. The caption is equally amazing:

We’re sure the “Daddy Fraternity” is happy to have you, Justin! We can’t imagine a better father for Silas than the superstar singer and star of these iconic SNL skits. Will Silas be as hilarious as his dad? Will grow up to have a massive singing career of his own? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…

Here’s the full Instagram:

We don’t see much of Silas on social media. Our first look at the littlest Timberlake was also on Instagram, during the first round of the NBA playoffs. Since then, though, the photos have been few and far between.

This is likely on purpose. Celebrities walk a fine line when it comes to their children’s exposure to the world. People like Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry have been fighting for strict Anti-Paparazzi laws when it comes to their children. The desire to snap a pic of a famous kid can cross the line into full-on harassment, making it safer for celeb parents to keep their kids home safe and out of the limelight entirely.

But when it comes to Justin’s Instagram, it’s okay. He’s in control of when and how often little Silas is documented, and he’s following the footsteps of the thousands of other social media posts you’ve seen today honoring father figures and celebrating this special day. I don’t know who’s luckier, Justin or Silas. Either way, this is an awesome family and we totally love them.

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