Justin Timberlake apologizes for all those silly ‘Nsync outfits, and we forgive him

In a news update  nobody was expecting, Justin Timberlake finally apologized for the bad ‘Nsync outfits of yore. You know the ones he means — frosted tips, shiny jackets, weird pants. The list goes on. The thing is, we forgive him because there is LITERALLY nothing to forgive, okay, Justin? Like, yeah, the 2000s were a funky time for everybody, but there’s arguably no better time period to look back on. Honestly, this was an era in which we thought Zenon being a girl of the 21st century made it plausible for her to live in a space station, and so we seemed to think it was a good idea to dress like we could also plausibly live in a space station in the near future.

What we’re saying, JT, is that we appreciate the apology but man oh man do we appreciate your contribution to the sartorial zeitgeist of the ’90s and early 2000s because IT WAS SO FUN.


The highlights, the brightly colored blazers, the Russian-esque FUR HAT, the animal print…there is no limit to our glee. Also, honestly? Red carpets now consist of a bunch of men wearing what’s essentially the same suit (other than John Boyega), so like, this was a wayyyy more interesting time.


CHECK OUT THESE SHINY SPACE JACKETS. We would totally use a time machine to hang out with ’90s ‘Nsync, okay?

Despite our love for ‘Nsync’s wardrobe, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake was asked what his favorite outfit was, and his response was not quite as enthusiastic.

"I want to take this opportunity to apologize. Anytime you can do dancing from the '90s — wonderful — but, there was a lot of questionable attire. And, I think [*NSYNC] may have been responsible for, like, 90 percent of it in that decade. So, sorry."

We understand that it might not be as fun to know you’re responsible in part for the zany style of those two decades, but as connoisseurs of that style, we’re super grateful.

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