Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline are now friends who golf together. Be still our ’00s hearts.

Do you ever have that nightmare where two of your ex’s become friends, and start hanging out and it’s 1,000% weird and awkward? It’s happened to the best of us, and now it’s happening to Britney Spears. Yeah, Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline are new friends, and if you need to talk to someone about this, Britney, we’re all ears.

It’s maybe not as weird as we all think, seeing as how these two actually go way back. Spears dated Timberlake from 1999-2002 (and in some perfect-alternate reality/my heart they’re still together). Spears was then married to Federline from 2004-2007. These three used to run in the same ’90s pop circles, and Federline was once actually a backup dancer for Timberlake. Their paths were always crossing, so naturally everyone became friendly, dating and breakups aside.


The two guys recently reconnected at Timberlake’s last tour stop in Las Vegas, and as Federline puts it, “Guys that work with him have worked with us and still work with me, still to this day. You know everybody, you’re friends with everybody. And yeah, me and J are cool.”

J! He calls him J! That has to be elevated friendship status, since we’re still using two letters to refer to Timberlake, JT. Federline then adds, “My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we’ve gone out golfing, we’ve hung out.” Never thought we’d live in a world where J + KFed = BFFs, but stranger things have happened.

As for the Pop Princess herself, that isn’t a topic of conversation out on the back nine. “No, no,” Federline tells Us Weekly, “Yeah, it is what it is to us.”

To us it’s still a little bit weird, but we can get behind this for sure. The world is a crazy strange place, you guys.

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