Justin Timberlake admitted he hooked up with a Spice Girl, and here’s literally everything we know

This is something straight out of a fanfic. After playing a revealing game of “Never Have I Ever” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 1st, Justin Timberlake admitted to a Spice Girls hookup back in the day…though he was incredibly hesitant to reveal the secret (we’re sure Jessica Biel will forgive you, buddy).

*NSYNC was in town together after receiving their well-deserved Hollywood Walk of Fame star on April 30th, 20 years after the release of their first hit single “I Want You Back.” The bandmates were all smiles, proving that while they’re not making music together anymore, there’s still nothing but love between them. And that’s what made “Never Have I Ever” so much fun. DeGeneres, as per usual, wasn’t afraid to ask them the real questions. Like yes, each and every one of them has hooked up in a tour bus, and no, absolutely none of them have ever hooked up while listening to an *NSYNC song (Ellen asked a lot of hook-up related questions).

But the most interesting reveal? JT and a Spice Girl — FOR SURE.


Timberlake, who was a great sport, also admitted that he’s joined the mile-high club (but no word on if a Spice Girl was involved in that one). Perhaps DeGeneres needs to have the ladies on to play the game and compare answers.

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