Justin Timberlake + Anna Kendrick = Our new favorite movie

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick have a lot in common. They’re both great actors. They’re both excellent singers. And, they’re both downright hilarious. Have you ever seen Justin bring the funny on Ellen? Or read Anna’s tweets? Warning: You will laugh until your sides hurt.

When we heard they were lending their voices to the upcoming movie Trolls, we had a major freak-out. Why didn’t this collaboration happen sooner? Why did it take THIS LONG to put them together in something? Oh, and does this mean they’ll become BFFs and JT will make a surprise appearance in Pitch Perfect 3? Please say yes.

According to Variety, Justin will play Branch, a “hilariously hardcore survivalist,” while Anna will play Princess Poppy, a “creature with spirit, sass, and song.” I’m interpreting that last phrase to mean there will be singing in this movie, so I’m already predicting that I will become hopelessly addicted to the Trolls soundtrack. Also predicting that I will adopt a cat and name her (or him) Princess Poppy.

Yes, Trolls is about THOSE trolls — the ones with the wild hair, scrunchy faces and bedazzled bellybuttons. A solid troll doll collection was the goal and envy of all children in the ‘90s, and I can only hope they make limited edition Branch and Princess Poppy troll dolls after their characters. It’s the right thing to do.

Fun fact: Did you know trolls were created by a Danish woodcutter named Thomas Dam for his daughter? They were inspired by trolls from Scandinavian folklore, and went on to become a serious toy craze. And now, a movie we can’t wait to see!

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