Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had a Scrabble date, because they really are goals

If things look intense between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in their latest Instagram photo, that’s because the couple was in the middle of an epic war of words. Not to worry: what happened was way less worrisome than it sounds. Biel beat Timberlake in a game of Scrabble and then she posted a picture online and bragged about it like a total boss.

So, everyone knows that a game of Scrabble can go from zero to 100 real quick, especially when some shady player tries using a word that is so not a word. Judging by the pic, we don’t know whether Biel or Timberlake pulled the shenanigans but regardless, Biel had the final say with the word sardine. It’s not a word that can boost your Scrabble score, but it obviously got the job done.

“I played ‘sardine’ and got the 50 bonus points!” Biel captioned the photo of the pair playing Scrabble with a Central Park view. “Guess who is no longer undefeated…#scrabblebrag.”

Not only are we giving Biel a round of applause for her word wizardry, we’re sending her a virtual high-five for her hilarious not-so-humble brag.


The adorable couple is set to celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary soon and if Biel’s Scrabble rights are a sign of how their next year of marriage will go, Justin should probably get used to bowing down to his bae.