Justin Theroux just gave Conan O’Brien a unicorn tattoo

Who knew he had such an extraordinary talent? After talking about his Sharpie tattoo skills during an appearance, Justin Theroux gave Conan O’Brien a unicorn tattoo. And it’s a pretty impressive tattoo, at that.

The event happened after the two discussed tattoos. While Theroux has a lot, O’Brien is completely unmarked. Most of Theroux’s tattoos aren’t too visible, because they’re on his legs.

"They're covered in tattoos," Theroux said. "That's why I do all my experimental tattoos down on my legs — literally. If I have a tattoo I don't want to commit to, I'll just stick it on my legs, because I know no one's going to see them ever."


Theroux drew a few tattoos on Jason Bateman’s kids while at the pool, and according to Theroux, Bateman hated it. But Conan was pretty intrigued — especially when hearing about what tattoos his guest excelled in.

"I do a pretty good unicorn...and ladybugs, I can do," Theroux admitted.

And just like that, O’Brien decided to lift up his shirt and see for himself.


Of course, O’Brien made a point to discuss his coloration, comparing it to “a fish that washed up on the beach, and it’s dying.”


Since Theroux is a pro, the full drawing didn’t take too long to accomplish.


O’Brien admitted it looked amazing even before it was finished.

In fact, he also commented that his wife, Liza, would also be a big fan.

"This is hot," O'Brien said. "This is going to spice up my sex life tonight...when I drop my silk robe and she sees Justin Theroux's unicorn."

And, viola — the final product.


We have to say, we’re a little jealous. Who knew that Theroux was so good at drawing unicorns?

While Jason Bateman sadly noted that his kids didn’t want to take showers after getting “inked” by Theroux, we can definitely see why — his Sharpie creations are works of art, and having them fade would simply be a travesty.

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