Justin Theroux revealed why shopping for Jennifer Aniston’s birthday is so hard

Buying gifts for anyone is tricky, but we can’t imagine the challenge of trying to shop for someone who’s got a lot of things — like say, a mega-famous Hollywood actress. At CinemaCon, actor Justin Theroux explained how he buys gifts for Jennifer Aniston. FYI this made us melt!

Because first and foremost, he keeps it simple. Aniston’s birthday is in February, which Theroux notes is close to Christmas and Valentine’s Day — two major gift-giving holidays. So with that in mind, he starts thinking about it early.

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“It’s always a critical moment, ’cause I have Christmas, her birthday and Valentine’s Day in pretty short order, so I start shopping in November,” he shared with Extra.Way to be prepared!

He goes onto to say what specifically he looks for in a gift, and this is just so incredibly sweet.

"It’s usually something that is the easiest thing in the world — a snuggie. Or I’ll figure out something like that, something fun. I’ve given up on mass pieces of jewelry or clothes. She’s got all that. It’s usually something like an amazing pair of flip-flops, something she can get cozy with."

We are all about this low-key gift-giving attitude. Because at the end of the day, nothing should ever really be about the presents. Plus, this removes a ton of pressure from everyone involved (thinking of the perfect gift, pretending that you love a less-than-perfect gift, etc).

This year, Aniston celebrated in Cabo with her hubby and Courtney Cox, which sounds absolutely perfect. Theroux referred to their escape as “a little time in the sun,” and who needs an extravagant gift when you’re playing outdoors with your favorite people?

Taking a page out of your book, Justin!

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