Justin Hartley from “This Is Us” is patiently awaiting his first nude scene

Remember the very first episode of This Is Us? Fans of Milo Ventimiglia got a brief shot of his backside, in what would later be known as a pretty pivotal scene for the series. Since it got people talking, This Is Us “Big Three” member Justin Hartley noted that as of right now, his character of Kevin will remain fully clothed throughout the rest of season one.

Just yesterday, Hartley chatted with The Talk to promote the hit family drama. When Ventimiglia’s big scene in question was brought up, Hartley admitted that he wouldn’t mind if his own character got to strut around in the buff for a moment or two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lajUJeFyhqs

"I'm a little upset about it," Hartley said about his lack of nude scenes, pretending to be offended. After all, what does it say about him?

Of course, Hartley made sure to give credit where credit’s due — and that’s in the form of praise towards Ventimiglia, who plays his dad.

"He's a tremendous actor and a very talented guy and a very sweet guy, but also a very, very good sport," he said.

Very sweet to say, especially since the two haven’t had any scenes in common based on the show’s multiple timelines. It’s so nice to know that the Pearson family is equally close off-screen as well!

Speaking of family, Hartley had his mother in the audience during the interview. We’re sure she was incredibly proud of her son since he truly gave a great interview.

This Is Us only has two episodes left this season. Make sure you catch it tonight on NBC.

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