Our first ‘American Idol’ crush is back on TV! (Thanks, Dr. Pepper)

If you’ve been trying to pinpoint the face in the newest Diet Dr. Pepper ad, prepare to have your mind explode – because it’s a face we all know and love (a lot). Who could forget Justin Guarini? He’s obviously most well-known from the very first season of American Idol, where he blew away the original trio of judges (Simon, Paula and Randy – we miss you!) by showing off his vocal skills.

Now, over a decade later, Justin’s established himself as a successful musical artist and Broadway star, performing in shows such as American Idiot and Romeo and Juliet, as well as Wicked as Fiyero, the ill-fated love interest of Elphaba. He’s also currently starring in Paint Your Wagon. But we’re pretty sure that all pales in comparison to his latest turn as Lil’ Sweet in this Diet Dr. Pepper commercial.


We can’t get enough of his sliding kitchen entrance or his impressive range – it’s plain to see he’s still got the magic left over from his Idol days. Would it be possible for us to put in a request for our own Lil’ Sweet to deliver soda? It would definitely brighten up the office workday.

Even if Justin’s been doing his own thing lately, we’re really happy to see him back and in the spotlight. Could this be the start of something awesome or — dare we suggest it — another From Justin to Kelly sequel?

In case you need a refresher course on the first time the world fell in love JG, here’s a flashback to his Idol audition tape when he was still a wide-eyed kid with his trademark super-sized, beautiful voice. Awww.

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