Justin Bieber’s throwback Instagram reminds us of the old days

The Justin Bieber we know now is very, very different from the Justin Bieber we were introduced to way back when. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — his career has evolved, and with that, his music — and to be honest, we love what he’s been putting out lately. He’s also taken a stand for his own personal privacy lately, which is a pretty important step for all celebrities. Fans can often cross personal boundaries, and even if the intentions are good, celebrities get such little private time that they sometimes need to say something about it.

However, he’s also gone through a lot of heartbreak and changes in his life, and done it very publicly — it would be hard to go through your teens and early 20s in the public eye! — and people have had some very mixed things to say about him. For that reason, we often miss the Biebs we were introduced to — the YouTube singing, swoopy-haired kid we used to love, that it felt like we could introduce to our moms with no problem.

It seems like Justin was recently feeling a bit nostalgic, too, and he posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “Young biebs” this morning:

His commenters loved the photo, and weren’t shy about getting nostalgic with him.

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