Justin Bieber’s latest Insta pic is the best throwback to the days of Young Biebs

He’s one of the most famous people on the planet, which makes it hard to remember sometimes that Justin Bieber was once just a little boy making dance videos on YouTube. Yup, did you totally forget, too?

Let’s take a moment to feel grateful that this adorable kid from Canada became well known at the tender age 12, and has now been a mega-star for over 10 years (time flies when you’re having fun/jamming to “Sorry”)! His latest Instagram pic is the best throwback to the old days of young Biebs, and it shows how sweet he was even back then to fans who approached him while out in public.

Awwwwww. That girl has Bieber-fever, and who can blame her?!

P.S. – We seriously hope she follows him on Insta and got to wake up to this blast from the past!

via giphyThis might be obvious, but we’re SO incredibly proud of what Bieber has accomplished. Just this year his Purpose album was nominated for four Grammys, and we anticipate that his career will keep climbing to new heights as he moves further into adulthood.

Bieber turned 23 earlier this month, and FYI he’s becoming cuter by the day.

And we’re also super impressed with how Bieber treats his fans (who, ya know, can be a bit overwhelming at times). While he isn’t always able to snap a picture or sign an autograph, he always spends time chatting with them when he can. Here he was spending some QT with fans in Australia, where he’s currently touring.

Everywhere he looks…FANS! And it’s not surprising. We look forward to being here for the rest of Bieber’s career, because he’s got a style all his own and he’s so utterly deserving of his success.

Here’s to YOU, Justin!

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