Justin Bieber’s impromptu tribute to Drake is surprisingly sweet

We love it when artists support artists. And even though these two have been linked before, it’s still nice to see Justin Bieber complimenting Drake on Instagram. In fact, the shout-out even referred to Drake as being the “best of our generation.” High praise indeed.

Both musicians hail from Canada, so they’ve definitely had a quiet bond for a long time. They’ve also worked together before — in fact, Bieber’s song “Right Here” features the singer.

Drake must have been on Bieber’s mind, because the rapper hosted last night’s inaugural NBA Awards. Which were — well — exactly what they sounded like. Just like other standard award shows, Drake helped present awards to NBA’s brightest and most talented.

Bieber might have been getting read to watch before posting his tribute.

Bieber also views the artist as being a legend and a “culture shifter,” which is pretty sweet.

This isn’t the first time that the pop star has admitted his adoration of Drake. He’s also promoted his music before on social media.

We’re just surprised that Bieber has never seemed to mention Drake’s key role in the television show Degrassi. Since it ran in Canada, there’s a chance he managed to catch an episode or two back in the day.

Perhaps a co-headlining tour is in the future for these two? We’d definitely pay to see them share the stage.

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