Justin Bieber left the club wearing a giant and luxe fur coat and we feel weird about how much we covet it

Is it to late now to say sorry? On Monday night Justin Bieber left the club wear a luxe fur coat. No word yet on whether it’s faux or fur, fingers crossed it’s faux, because we are seriously coveting it.

Bieber was seen leaving Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood on Monday night, where he was attending the Shots Studios Christmas party. On the way out the door he decided to throw on the fur and we just have so many questions. Was it that cold to wear a fur coat or was it just a style choice? Also are we the only ones that would have been worried about a drink being spilled on the coat?! false


Paired with the coat he rocked ripped jeans and classic cowboy style Chelsea boots. The ankle boots are by Saint Laurent and they have a suede texture, stacked heel and ochre shade. If you’re looking to purchase a pair though these boots are $995 but you can easily find a dupe at Urban Outfitters, Zara, or ASOS.

We have to say Bieber is definitely giving us major Joe Namath vibes!

That being said, we MUST point out that it’s not THAT cold in LA and definitely not necessary to wear a coat that big, but it IS necessary to be chic, so…we get it.

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