Justin Bieber just got super honest about award shows on Instagram

Despite winning Top Male Artist, Top Social Media Artist, and getting nominated for literally every category at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber says he “craves” more out of awards show and says he wishes they didn’t just hand out awards, but rather, that they could award his “spirit.”

Justin looked like he was having all of the fun during his Billboard performance-

But once he walked offstage, it was a different story.


The Biebz is no longer fulfilled by awards show recognition. He calls them “hollow” and said, “there’s an authenticity missing [from awards shows] that I crave!”

The morning after the awards show, he posted this lengthy message to Instagram.

Bieber is basically calling shots on the entire awards show industry, an industry that has awarded him with trophies year after year.

Bieber also feels like nobody even wants to attend awards show! “When I look in the audience I see a bunch of fake smiles so that when the camera hits them they look happy.


Justin does give a suggestion for how we can better awards shows.

It’s a loaded sentence, but we THINK he’s saying: There’s MORE to awards shows then just rating songs on an album. Justin wants you to understand the spirit and the drive he puts into his music and maybe he’s saying we should celebrate WHY we make music and not just how good it is.

Maybe Justin’s simply making a point that the most important thing is to just DO YOU regardless of the recognition it may or may not get.

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