Justin Bieber is like, really charming in this Super Bowl commercial (plus he shows off his dope dance skills)

Attention ladies: Justin Bieber is like, ridiculously charming in this Super Bowl ad, and you need to watch it. Plus, he shows off some of his killer dance moves!

There are a lot of Super Bowl commercials being released ahead of the big game on Sunday, and our favorite right now is this T-Mobile ad. Why do we love it so much? Well, it starters is features the “Love Yourself” singer, Rob Gronkowski, and Terrell Owens. Oh, and everyone is dancing.

In the commercial for T-Mobile, Bieber takes us through the history of the football celebration dance and it’s epic.

“Hello, I’m Justin Bieber, celebration expert,” he says as he first comes on screen.

PS: He’s wearing a dapper suit, and hot glasses, so that’s a bonus.

Next, the 22-year-old singer shows us where it all began…with the high five. The high five then led to the spike, which is demonstrated by the New England Patriots’ tight end. Yes, that is Gronkowski in a loin cloth.


After seeing many kids, and men in football uniforms rock out to the numerous touchdown dances, including Owens’ own victory moves, Bieber gets in on the action.

He explains that everyone should get in on T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedMoves campaign, which is inspired by their unlimited plan. Fans are asked to submit their best touchdown dance on social media, and Bieber will pick his favorites!

At the end of the commercial, the Canadian singer dances in his sexy suit, giving us a taste of the “shimmy-shimmy shake,” and it’s too good.

Watch it above and lets us know if you’re ready to show off your #UnlimitedMoves.

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