Justin Bieber just posted a Selena Gomez throwback pic that’s giving everyone lots of feels

It’s still hard to accept that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez really are broken up. They were one of our favorite celebrity couples for years, and even though they were on again and off again too many times to count, a little part of us always thought they’d end up together again. And last night, Justin shared a pic on Instagram that’s giving #TeamJelena supporters life.

The throwback, which shows the former couple kissing, was clearly taken a few years ago. Justin is still rocking some form of the Bieber Bowl Cut that he wore so well back in the day, and you can’t spot a drop of ink on his neck, back or arm. Selena, of course, looks like her adorable self.

The simple caption, “Feels,” is giving fans exactly that—feels. Some are hoping this means they’re back together. Others are frustrated to see that Justin is still thinking about Selena, expressing that they don’t want him to get hurt again. Our guess is he was just feeling sentimental. If you had a prominent tattoo of your gorgeous ex, it would be hard not to think about her all the time.

The pic is sweet, but Selena didn’t return his sentiment. A few hours after Justin posted the throwback, she shared a photo of her celebrating her cousin, Priscilla DeLeon’s, engagement. So they were both feeling the feels last night—just about different things.

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