Twitter is losing it over Justin Bieber’s latest wardrobe decision

Hot on the heels of his announcement to cancel his remaining tour dates, Justin Bieber was spotted wearing Purpose tour merch, and it seems some fans are slightly pissed about it.

As many Beliebers know by now, Justin canceled the big tour — which began all the way back in March — saying that he needed some time off after being on the road for close to 18 months (um, understandable). And while most fans totally supported the singer’s decision to take a step back and take care of himself, others were incredibly disappointed that they wouldn’t be seeing their favorite dude in concert.

Which is why they weren’t too happy that he has been spotted casually wearing merch from the tour. false

According to TMZ, Justin was spotted out in Beverly Hills on Monday wearing yellow Purpose tour shorts, with BIEBER written on each leg and TOUR emblazoned across the front. He also wore a black T-shirt that lists every Purpose tour date on the back, including the cancelled ones.

It’s understandable why fans might feel a little baffled by the choice to wear the merch so soon after ending the tour, but we’re sure that Justin didn’t mean to cause his fans any grief — especially after he apologized effusively for ending the tour before it was scheduled to end.

While we understand Justin’s recent wardrobe decisions may be bittersweet for those who were hoping to see him in concert, we are simply happy to see him taking the time he needs for his health and well-being (plus, everyone needs a clean shirt every now and then). You do you, buddy!

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