Everyone’s talking about Justin Bieber’s new video. Here’s why.

Both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber used last night’s MTV’s Video Music Awards to their advantage, career-wise.

Following his unexpectedly emotional on-stage debut of “What Do You Mean?” (catch it here ICYMI), Justin subsequently premiered a sultry new video for the single.

Directed by Brad Furman, the moody vid seems to capture a slightly edgier side of the Biebs. The five-minute clip is jam packed with action, romance, and a little bit of mystery, but that’s only half the reason why Beliebers are freakin’. Here’s everything people can’t stop discussing about the video.

He’s got a new ‘do.
If you watched the VMAs last night, you probably already caught a peek of Justin’s new side-sweep. It’s definitely an edgier departure from his signature swoop circa 2009, and it’s much more dramatic than the updo he’s been sporting most recently. Nevertheless, the Internet has a lot of feelings about his new locks. We happen to think he’s making a conscious hair shift that’s concurrent with his music. Think about it: Justin Timberlake transitioned out of bubblegum pop and ramen noodle hair curls…shouldn’t Bieber (and his locks) get the same chance for change?

There’s no dancing. Or crying.
No doubt, Justin put on an impressive performance last night, but he’s leaving the crying and the choreography for the VMA stage. Granted, “What Do You Mean?” has its fair share of dramatic moments, but this vid is more fear-inducing than tear-inducing.

There is particular focus on Justin’s Calvin Klein underwear.
Justin’s big endorsement with Calvin Klein is still very apparent during his intimate roll-around with on-screen girlfriend, Xenia Deli. We told you it was steamy!

There’s a plot twist.
We don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say the kidnapping scene is not what it appears to be. Granted, it’s not a Fight Club-level plot twist, but we can definitely appreciate this as a mini thrill ride for our Monday afternoons!

In the end, we’ve decided that Justin just has a lot of questions.
Between “Where Are You Now?” and “What Do You Mean?” we’re guessing Justin has more unanswered questions to pose, but we don’t mind! We’re loving this deviation from his bubblegum pop roots! Keep exploring, and never stop asking questions, Justin.

Check out the moody clip, below.

(Image via YouTube.)

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