Justin Bieber uploaded a new pic of his puppy and now our Friday is made

If there’s one thing you can count on Instagram for, it’s pictures of cute dogs. Just one search of the word “puppy” brings up a never-ending feed of adorable photos and videos. Some dogs are even “Instagram famous” now, like Toast and Doug the Pug. And now, we’ve discovered a new contender for cutest internet pup: Justin Bieber’s new puppy Phil.

World: Meet Phil. He’s a tiny black Labrador and he’s THE CUTEST thing we’ve seen all day. Labs are loving and faithful companions, and we’re happy that the Biebs has found a new companion. Look at his little face!

Phil is a seriously handsome dog.

We’re totally in love. But there is one person who doesn’t seem to be 100% sold on Phil yet—Justin’s other dog, Esther.

Here’s a cute video of the two dogs. Phil is just hangin’ out on the ground, and Esther is all, Excuse me, but who is this? Please pet me.

Justin affectionately refers to the pup as both Phil and Philip, and our guess the name was inspired by Tuesday’s visit from Punxsutawney Phil. We can’t wait for more Phil pics to come!

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