Justin Bieber may have gotten his face tattooed for Ryan Gosling?

Here we were thinking that we’re Ryan Gosling’s #1 fans, but then Justin Bieber goes and proves us wrong. How can we compete with that?!

Yesterday, on Instagram, Justin paid homage to Ryan Gosling’s character in The Place Beyond the Pines – not just once, but twice. He initially posted a photo of a bleach-blonde Gosling leaning up against a motorcycle, but felt that wasn’t enough to capture his enthusiasm.

Justin then published another photo featuring Gosling feeding his baby co-star.

Both photos are captioned with: “What a beast.

While we can appreciate and sympathize with Justin’s all-encompassing love of Ryan Gosling, we did notice something a bit unusual. Justin looks uncannily similar to Gosling’s character. Specifically, his face tattoo can easily be compared to the one Gosling is sporting in his 2012 film.

Let’s review. Here’s Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines:


And here’s Justin Bieber:

The tats may not be exactly the same size – Justin’s looks quite small and understated in comparison – but they both appear to feature crosses right next to the eye. Coincidence? Maybe. Either way, isn’t it interesting that Justin professed his love for Ryan Gosling just a week after debuting his face tattoo on Instagram?

While we may not be ready to commemorate our Ryan Gosling love in the form of a tattoo, we do like to imagine that Justin is. After all, Ancestry.com did report that the two are 11th cousins once removed. So maybe Justin wants to be a “beast” just like his very distant cousin?

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