Justin Bieber looks pretty darn cute feeding a lion cub, but it’s still a wild animal

Uh oh, Justin Bieber is it hot water (again). Despite getting a warning from PETA after the 22-year-old singer posed with a Bengal tiger at his dad’s engagement party earlier this month, he was Instagramed just yesterday snuggling a little lion cub before a concert in Toronto. And ugh, it’s so cute.

The cub is named Alex and he belongs to Alex Haditaghi, who describes himself on Instagram as a “serial entrepreneur.” He followed up his first photo with an adorable video of Justin feeding the thirsty cub from a baby bottle:

“Is this how he feeds?” Justin asked incredulously as Alex aggressively pawed at the bottle.

“You don’t wanna be a lion mama,” someone commented off-camera.

Despite how happy everyone looks, we’re guessing PETA might not be too pleased about this incident either. Last month after Justin’s father’s bachelor party, the animal rights organization released this statement:

So yes, these animals look totally harmless and adorable, but taking care of a tiger or lion is nothing like owning a domesticated cat.

We certainly hope Alex the lion cub is getting the care and attention he needs, but PETA makes a good point: wild animals are wild, not entertainment.

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