Justin Bieber just surprised this street performer while she sang on a curb

Something pretty amazing happened in New Jersey the other day. Pop sensation, Justin Bieber, surprised an unsuspecting street performer on a corner somewhere in Montclair, New Jersey. 11-year-old Ava Otterbein thought she was simply performing Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter Than The Sun” for her friends and family, like usual. But lo and behold, J. Biebs stepped in to lend an ear and give his support.

An onlooker captured a video of Bieber at mic asking fans to put down their phones and interact with him before the performance continued. After getting familiar with the audience, he stepped back and enjoyed Otterbein’s music, swaying back and forth in tune with her friends.


Although, according to TeenVogue, no one is really sure why Bieber was in New Jersey to begin with, we must say it’s pretty cool of him to check out a possible up-and-coming artist in the industry. After all, singing on street corners and online is where Bieber got his start.

Look at little Biebs go!


And needless to say, Otterbein was more than shocked and grateful to have had the chance to perform for Bieber. She posted a photo compilation to her Instagram and captioned it,

"When @justinbieber comes to your performance and asks you to play for him. "This is the best day of my life!" Justin Bieber • He gave me a high five! #justinbiebermontclair"

Just think, Ava — when you’re famous and invited to late night talk shows, you can share how Justin Bieber saw your perform on the street back in the day. This will be your funny “before I was famous” story!

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