Justin Bieber just dropped a new song, and the internet has ideas about its meaning

When you’re a musician who’s in the spotlight based on your romantic life, many people might guess as to who your music is written about. Justin Bieber just released a song called “Friends,” and fans are totally guessing it might be about his most famous ex-girlfriend — Selena Gomez.

The song is definitely a positive thing for Bieber. After publicly canceling his tour due to “unforeseen circumstances,” it’s good to know that he’s still interested in moving his musical career forward.

This song is the first that Bieber has released solo since 2016. Of course, you’ve probably heard him on the smash hit remix of “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, but it’s good that Bieber is still going strong with his own material.

The song was produced by BloodPop, who also worked with the singer back in 2015.

We think it’s incredibly catchy, and will get a ton of radio play. But…is it about Gomez?

Fans on Twitter were quick to jump to that conclusion. Since, well, it makes logical sense.



With lyrics like “Do you wonder why I’ve been callin’?” and “Did you know we had something so good?” it sounds like he’s trying to reach out to Gomez and maintain some sort of friendship.

The theme is a bit similar to Bieber’s song “Love Yourself,” which he worked on with Ed Sheeran. While friendship isn’t mentioned, Bieber sings to someone he had a past relationship with, and urges them to — you guessed it — love themselves.

But chances are, that one wasn’t about Gomez. Why? Because earlier this year, Sheeran admitted that “Love Yourself” was initially written for his album Divide. So, it’s probably based on a different relationship.

No matter what, we think Justin Bieber truly knocked it out of the park with “Friends,” and we can’t wait to hear even more new material from him.