Justin Bieber just became the second person ever to hit this Twitter record

It seems like the love just keeps pouring in for this pop star. Justin Bieber hit 100 million followers on Twitter, making him the second celebrity to ever achieve this incredible record. Who was the first? Well, Katy Perry of course!

It’s an exclusive club, for sure. Perry herself only went above the 100 million mark this June, which means that it’s still a somewhat new achievement. But, it’s not an achievement that Twitter shrugs over.

In fact, they made sure to congratulate Bieber and gave him his own hashtag to celebrate. The tweet that announced the record already has over 47,000 likes since it was posted yesterday.

Bieber himself decided to retweet the praise to his fanbase. And speaking of his fanbase, they were quick to use the hashtag to give their favorite singer a few well-deserved shoutouts.

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Without a doubt, there are a ton of people who have Justin Bieber’s back.

Interestingly enough, a majority of the runners up for reaching the coveted 100 million mark are all musicians like Bieber and Perry. Taylor Swift currently has 85.5 million followers, and Rihanna is right behind with 76.9 million. But the person who might just reach the big honor first is none other than Barack Obama, who has 94.3 million followers.

As for Bieber, he’s had a pretty solid year thus far. Not only was he featured in the Luis Fonsi hit “Despacito,” but he’s released his own new music as well. Earlier this month, he put out a song called “Friends” that was met with pretty positive reviews.

We can’t wait to see his follower record climb even higher.

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