And now, here’s Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram surprise

Justin Bieber has been everywhere lately, especially on Instagram. Whether he’s searching for mystery crushes or posting pictures of his ex (Selena Gomez, obvs), he’s really keeping his 47 million (!) followers on tenterhooks wondering what he’ll share next. And last night, he did not let Beliebers down.

Before appearing on The Late Late Show, the Biebs posted two photos showing off—DRUM ROLL— his new tattoo. Even in his super dapper black suit you can see the wings peeking out on the back of his neck.

With over one million likes on each photo, it’s safe to say the fans are very into the new ink. But he didn’t have too much time to offer up more information on his latest body art, because he had a very special role to play on last night’s Late Late Show. He had to deliver James’ Corden’s monologue!

No pressure, Justin! Of course, he met the screaming crowd with confidence and knocked it out of the ballpark. Maybe his new set of wings—aka tattoo #52—gave him an extra boost. Check out his hilarious appearance:

(Image via Shutterstock)

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