Justin Bieber just gave us an Instagram sneak of his new song

We are still very much feeling the tracks off of Bieber’s 2015 gift to the world Purpose, especially the trifecta of chart-topping hits “Sorry,” “Love Yourself,” and “What Do You Mean?”

As Purpose JUST dropped in November, we were pretty sure we weren’t getting any new jams from Justin for a little while. We are very happy to be wrong on this count, as yesterday, Bieber took to Instagram to drop thirty seconds of a new mystery song.

Spread out over three Instagram posts, we get a solid listen, and this Mystery Track is very much in keeping with New Sound Biebs, hallelujah.

Check out the sneak-listen below, with lyrics for your reference:

“Open your mind/Wider than the ocean/Life is but a moment/ And every single time you want to give up/ Hold on tight to what you love/ Don’t let go/ Oh noooooooo…”

“And every single time you want to break/ Break from your troubles/ Take a breath/Every step/ Let it wash away, wash away, wash away…”

“21 years ago, it’s never ever been the same/ In all my life I never wanted to play the game/ I’m not the same as Michael even though he hall of fame/ I’m all hall of faith put me on the wall of change/ I got a couple things to learn along the way/Figured out how to mean what I say…”

So we’re going to take a wild guess and speculate this song is titled “Wash Away” because a.) That 100% sounds like what a new Bieber song WOULD be called and b.) He says “Wash Away” four times in the span of thirty seconds.

Look, it doesn’t matter what the song is called, we’re just excited for more New Sound Bieber, long may he and his synth-vibes reign.

(Images via Def Jam Recordings, Instagram)

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