Justin Bieber got real about his time in jail in his latest Instagram post

Even though he’s been pretty sweet and charming these days, Justin Bieber used to be a bad boy. So much so, that back in 2014, he was actually put in jail for a short period of time. The incident happened in Miami Beach, where he was caught for driving under the influence (not cool) and resisting arrest. At the time, the pop star was only 19.

These days, he’s growing — both as a musician and as a person. So it makes sense that Bieber would reflect a bit during his dark period on Instagram. Not only did he post his infamous mug shot, but his caption is pretty convincing.

With a hashtag, the singer pretty much admitted that he’d never end up back in jail. So, it looks like he was scared straight.

Bieber followed up the photos with a more recent shot.

Comparing the two, we can totally see a difference.

Perhaps the reflection is part of the “Better at 70” improvement program that the star has mentioned quite a bit.

Getting the ink right above his left knee cap, the tattoo is somewhat of an oath that Bieber will be working on himself to get better every single day. As far as tattoos go, it’s kind of inspirational.

While we’re happy that Bieber learned a huge life lesson, we’re also happy that he openly acknowledges his past — and vows to grow from it.

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