So, Justin Bieber got a new, huge tattoo — on his chest

Justin Bieber is known for a lot of things. Singing can’t-get-this-out-of-my-head pop songs and an unpredictable social media presence are just a couple ways that the Biebs stands out as a celebrity. But also Bieber’s tattoos. He has a lot of them. Earlier this year, the Biebs even chatted with GQ about his many tattoos, where he shared the meaning behind each one. Since that interview, he’s added a couple more to his collection and revealed his latest ink last on stage in Italy.

We couldn’t figure out what it said, until a fan with better eyes noted that Bieber’s new tattoo read “Son of God”.

Since Justin isn’t on Instagram anymore, we have no way of knowing who did his latest tattoo, at least until someone owns up to it. While some assume that it’s the handiwork of his usual artist JonBoy, it doesn’t quite look like his MO. So whoever the mystery tattoo artist is, we need the scoop. Like, what does this mean.

Until we get some solid answers, all we can do is make theories of what it could possibly mean. Is this a teasing of a new era? A greater interest in religion? We have questions, but only Justin has the answers.

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