Justin Bieber wore this ridiculous disguise to go undercover in Amsterdam

The next chapter in the “what on EARTH is Justin Bieber doing” saga is here, and it for sure does not disappoint. From leaving a monkey in an airport (literally w h a t) to a truly baffling note left in the Anne Frank house guest book, Justin Bieber’s time in Europe seems to be particularly odd. And while almost everybody who’s been abroad can share a story of cutting loose and doing something wild while young and dumb in a foreign country, most of our youthful stunts aren’t (a) then broadcast to the world and (b) quite so bizarre. Like, if he were just getting drunk and hanging out in Amsterdam coffee shops all night, we’d totally get it. We’d be there for the Biebs. But the MONKEY, man. What’s UP with that?

Now, there’s this: while in Amsterdam, Justin Bieber tried to disguise himself from onlookers by wearing what looks like a dollar store approximation of facial hair.

You can only sort of see it there, but we wanted to ease you into this, because it’s A LOT. Here’s the full frontal:


Justin Bieber has made a few dollars with his massively successful music career, so we’re a little confused about why, if he really wanted to fly under the radar, he didn’t do a better job. Like, the boy can afford a dope disguise is what we’re saying.


But the more we think about it, maybe he DID spend a little too much time in the Amsterdam coffee shops before deciding on this face weasel…

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