Justin Bieber’s breakout single “Baby” came out 7 years ago today, and you’ll never believe who was in the video

It seems almost impossible to believe, but Justin Bieber’s breakout single “Baby” came out 7 years ago today. It’s probably been a while since you watched the adorable music video for “Baby,” and you’ll never believe who made a surprise cameo in Justin’s debut video.

If you’ll recall, “Baby” introduced Justin as the adorable Canadian pop star who quickly melted the hearts of tweens the world over. He wasn’t even 16 when the song was released, and the single catapulted him from relative newcomer to global teen pop phenomenon.

Of course, a lot has happened in the Biebs’ life in the past 7 years. But the “Baby” video is a treasure trove of heart-melting moments, including cameos by two singers who went on to become massive stars in their own right.

The video finds baby Biebs trying to win back his first love, but she’s reluctant to give him another chance. The broken-hearted Biebs and his crew head to the bowling alley, where Justin and his lady love engage in a synchronized dance battle to win her over. There’s a hilarious rap verse by Ludacris (she woke me up daily / don’t need no Starbucks for the win!) and the pair croon about the triumphs and tragedies of high school romance. Ah, young love.

But the absolute best part of the “Baby” music video? The oft-forgotten cameos by Drake and Tinashe at the bowling alley. Yes, really!


The two first appear side-by-side at the 1:13 mark so fast, you might miss ’em.

Of course, back in 2010, Drake was merely a budding rapper about to release his debut album, but his signature smile is totally impossible to miss in the quick shots. He and Justin went on to become good friends and collaborators, with Drake lending his talents to Justin’s 2012 song “Right Here.”

As for Tinashe? In 2015, she told MTV News her appearance was “super random,” saying, “I think they just asked me if I wanted to be in the video as a cameo, and I was just like, ‘Sure.’ I wasn’t doing anything. So I just came and did it and I didn’t really know what to expect. Drake was in it. Good times.”


At the time, Tinashe was known for her acting career and for being a member of the girl group The Stunners…who later opened for Justin on his debut world tour. Aw!

The band split in 2011, and Tinashe embarked on her solo music career. In a true “full circle” moment, she went on to join forces with none other than Drake on one of her first singles, “2 On” in 2014.

We’re having so much throwback nostalgia for baby Biebs! Also, here’s an official petition for a Drake-Justin Bieber-Tinashe collaboration in 2017. What do ya say, guys?

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