“Jane the Virgin” star Justin Baldoni’s 2-year-old daughter helped him work out, and it was even more adorable than it sounds

You know Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano, Jane’s baby daddy, on the hit CW show Jane The Virgin. In real life, Justin is the father of an adorable 2-year-old, Maiya, and he has another baby the way.

That’s right. He and his wife Emily are expecting a baby boy! So it’s fair to say that it’s exciting times over at the Baldoni household as they prepare to become a happy foursome. Justin, who has been actively chronicling his adventures in fatherhood, posted a totally sweet video of his daughter on Instagram. The video shows little Maiya helping her dad with his first chest workout after tearing his pec a few months ago.

Awww! His daughter grips a teddy bear while sitting on top of his back. Notice how she turns to the camera after Justin’s first push-up with an expression that’s something between amazement and surprise. She’s clearly very invested in his recovery and athletic abilities. (We also love how her hair bands match the color of her T-shirt. She’s a fashionista in the making!) To top off the video, the father and daughter end the session with a sweet kiss.

In his caption, Justin tells us he’s spent 2.5 months in recovery for a torn pec muscle. This is his first chest workout since the injury, and he’s so grateful to be able to do a push-up again. As anyone who has suffered from a physical injury knows, it’s all too easy to take our mobility for granted.

Justin recently shared a letter to his second child-to-be, and the personal transformation that occurs when you become a parent.

“It’s hard to explain, but I feel like my entire life has been about getting ready for this experience and yet at the same time I feel completely inept and not ready to be a dad again, he wrote.

We think it’s pretty awesome that Justin shares such raw and deeply affecting personal truths. We can’t wait to see more. Please keep those posts coming!

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