Justin Baldoni tries to always remind his daughter that she’s more than just pretty, and we love that

There are very few things cuter than seeing parents totally enamored with their children. And Jane The Virgin star Justin Baldoni’s daughter Maiya certainly makes it look so easy. The actor is obsessed with his little family, and shares some of their greatest moments on Instagram for fans to fawn over. But with all of the adorable pics, Baldoni also doesn’t hesitate to share just how much hard work goes into parenting, too. Lessons on how to find the balance between charming and challenging workout routines, and how to recover from tantrums in public places, included.

The father and husband posted a sweet picture of his two-and-a-half year old darling Friday, and the caption attached will totally warm the coldest of hearts. Justin talked a bit about the lessons he tries to teach his little one. Along with complimenting his little angel on how beautiful she is, Baldoni also makes it a point to expound on her other awesome attributes. Because everything shouldn’t be focused on appearances anyway. And other parents out there should totally take notes.

In the Instagram post, the JTV star detailed just how he encourages Maiya to be the best she can be — focusing on the content of her character. And that’s something we can all totally get behind.

Justin Baldoni just solidified his top 5 placement for Father of the Year with this post.

"We’re doing everything we can to teach our daughter that she is so much more than her appearance. I try to remind myself to compliment her on her kindness, her intelligence, her patience, humor, vocabulary and everything else!" he wrote. "We are constantly (lovingly) reminding people how smart she is when the first thing said when seeing her is how pretty she is. But It’s hard! As a culture we’ve been so conditioned to compliment children on their appearance instead of their intelligence."

He wants her to know that she’s beautiful, too — but that her beauty doesn’t come just from her shining little face.

"My God she is beautiful!!! Truth is truth right? What’s also true is that she clearly got it from her mama. And since I tell her mama she’s beautiful every day… I’m gonna allow myself to say it to her too. As long as she knows that it’s her HEART that makes her appearance beautiful."

Absolutely adorable, right?

We can all agree that Maiya is the cutest thing ever. But the two-year-old knowing that having a good heart is what makes her a beautiful person will take her far.

And having such a good dad helps, too. Justin and his daughter are always hamming it up and having fun on social media.

We can’t wait to see the life lessons that Baldoni teaches his newborn son next.

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