8 Theme Parks We Really Can’t Believe Exist

Not all theme parks are created equal. In a world where Disneyland (or World) is king, you’ve got to bring a lot to the theme park table if you’re going to compete in the big leagues. That might account for some of the stranger theme park concepts emerging of late. Just to give you a taste, Lionsgate has set its sights on opening a Hunger Games park. What could be more fun than a theme park based off of a movie set in a world where kids kill each other? If that’s a little too much for you, slowly acclimate yourself by checking out the weirdest theme parks already in existence:

1. Diggerland – UK

There are four of these parks spread across the UK, based around the theme of, you guessed it, digging! If picking up dirt and dropping it with the aid of large machinery is your thing, Diggerland is the perfect place for your next birthday.

2. The Ocean Dome – Japan

Why go into the ocean, which you can pretty much see from this park, when you can have an artificial one all to yourself and thousands of others inside a dome? Sand, sea, and the great outdoors! Or at least a dome enclosure with a picture of the sky painted on it.

3. BonBon Land – Denmark

Farting roller coasters, lewd cartoon animal statues, and peeing ants. Those Danish sure know how to make a place fun for the whole family! This is number one on my list of weird parks to visit.

4. Ferrari World – UAE

A theme park based around a super fast, super fancy car better have the fastest roller coaster in the world. And Ferrari World does. Want to go 150 miles per hour? You can do that here. Did we mention it’s the largest indoor theme park in the world?

5. Suoi Tien Park – Vietnam

One for the Buddhists! Were you always hoping there was a theme park inspired by Buddhism? Me, too. There’s an attraction called Heaven’s Palace, a water park, not to mention a zoo.

6. Sanrio Puroland – Japan

Um. Why did no one inform me that Sanrio has a theme park? This might’ve changed all of my childhood dreams.

7. Dickens World – England

Have you ever wished to visit the dirty, diseased, cobblestone, horses-poopin’-wherever-they-want-to world of Dickens? Wish no more! Enjoy this recreation of the times, complete with a Great Expectations boat ride.

8. Išgyvenimo Drama – Lithuania

If you’ve ever felt your capitalist tendencies overwhelming you, check out this park that lets you experience communism. All the actors involved in your two-hour long experience as a communist were once in the Soviet army or actual interrogators, so you know it’s authentic. Your adventure comes complete with forced singing of the Soviet anthem and a gas mask! Yikes.
Images via diggerland, amusingplanet, visitingdenmark, arch2o, overvacation, nytimes, sovietbunker