Just Line It

Lining drawers is a classic DIY project. If you are a DIY beginner, start here. This project is 4 steps: measure drawer, cut out paper, line drawer, repeat. Simply lining a drawer elevates any dresser or kitchen cabinet. It’s also a sure-fire way to win you compliments! For this post I used wrapping paper, though vinyl is normally the preferred material for lining drawers. Wrapped offers designs in both paper and vinyl decals produced by Blik. The difference between vinyl and regular paper is vinyl has an adhesive back. This is a more permanent drawer lining, but that being said, it still peels up with ease. I would recommend the wrapping paper for a clothing drawer or a dorm room, thoughthe vinyl is wonderful for a drawer that experiences more wear and tear, such as a work table drawer or a kitchen drawer. Throwing some art into your drawers – you are so cool!

What you need:

Step 1: Measure Drawer

Step 2: Cut out paper/vinyl to measurements.

Step 3: Line drawer, repeat.