We just learned the SWEETEST thing about Margot Robbie’s wedding dress

As if we didn’t already love it oh-so-much already, we just learned that Margot Robbie’s wedding dress has the sweetest backstory, and we’re honestly tearing up. Apparently, Margot Robbie wore her mom’s wedding dress for her own wedding. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! The fact that Margot Robbie’s wedding dress belonged to her mom is giving us all the feels. Our hearts are so warm and fuzzy right now.

ICYMI, Margot Robbie had a secret wedding in which she got married to Tom Ackerley in Byron Bay, Australia. Obviously, they’ve kept things pretty private, which we totally respect. But what we have seen has been absolutely beautiful, and seriously loaded with boho vibes, a wedding trend that seems to be taking over in a *great* way.

From that unique ring to this bohemian-chic dress, we’re taking loads and loads of wedding inspo (and just general style inspo!) from Robbie.


According to The Carrier Mail, the gown was updated a bit with the help of Australian designer Casey Tanswell, and from what we can see it’s seriously gorgeous. We’re loving this sentimental side of Robbie!

This is the kind of story that makes us want to cuddle our moms and let them know how much we adore them. TG for this truly lovely and uplifting story of a mother-daughter bond to help us wrap up 2016 on a positive note!

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