We just learned something nerve-racking about iMessages

So, don’t freak out. Or maybe do. But we just found out that when you delete an iMessage? You’re not really deleting your iMessage. Not permanently, anyway.


Basically, here’s the deal. According to 9to5 Mac, You delete a message from your iPhone, or your iPad, or your Mac… you get the picture. One of your various Apple products. But you’re only deleting it in the most basic of ways. If you’re someone who uses iCloud, or is logged into multiple devices at the same time, your message still exists in the Cloud, and on whatever devices you have your account connected to, meaning that it’s not *really* gone.


If someone wanted to, they’d be able to find the old messages you thought you trashed forever. So if you have any enemies who are digging through your iMessages (which we really, truly hope you don’t), you may want to skip the iMessage and go straight to good ol’ text.

Or write a letter and have the reader burn it. Depends on how seriously you don’t want people getting into your business. We don’t know your life.


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