Just in time for spring, Torrid released a cute new line of “Beauty and the Beast”-themed clothing

To add to their growing list of fantasy and pop culture-themed clothing lines, the brand Torrid is releasing a Beauty and the Beast collection so you can look fabulous while wandering around the library of your misunderstood captor. This new collection may provide the ideal alternative for people who felt the Torrid Hello Kitty collection didn’t quite capture the librarian princess-chic feelings in your heart. The answer is now here.

A press release sent to HelloGiggles shared the vision for the line:

"Belle’s iconic yellow dress comes to life with a bodice of semi- sheer pleats and glittering ruffles adorning a skirt of yellow tulle. Lyrics from the memorable soundtrack become a modern print on a blue dress that recalls Belle’s morning stroll through the town."


The collection is perfect for taking early spring walks while considering how handsome your partner will look when he turns back into a human.

Also, this dress is on point for any occasion.


The collection will be chock full of looks that say, “Gaston WHO?”

Meanwhile, Gaston will see you on the street and go home SOBBING.


This beautiful line of nostalgic Disney-themed clothing will be available in March, just in time to usher in an early spring!

Just stay away from mysterious roses in the West Wing.


We have no words. This is just breathtakingly beautiful.


You can already see the full collection on Torrid’s website, and everything costs between $30 to $80! The collection is limited-edition, so you’ll wanna snag these items for before they’re gone! It’s Friday, so why not treat yourself?

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