Just FYI, there might be a huge avocado shortage

We’ll need to get pretty innovative with our appetizer recipes this summer.


According to the L.A. Times (by way of Time.com), avocados are in trouble. Why? Because of the extreme California heat wave we just experienced — it caused avocado trees to wither across the lower half of the state. Not a good time for avocados to poop out on us, because sales typically spike during this time of year So, sales typically spike during this time of year. All of this means avocado may not be able to produce enough avocados for us this summer. *infinitely sobs*

The Times also reported that importing avocados from Mexico may not even be an option this season, as the Mexican growers appear to have miscalculated the size of the market. Heath Shoup of West Pak Avocado told the LA Times that Mexican growers overestimated and underperformed this year. “There are not enough avocados in the industry right now to supply the demand,” says Shoup. The news just keep getting worse and WORSE.


“We’ve been here for 25 years, and this has never happened before,” said Jeanne Davis, a California avocado grower from Coyote Growers. Davis was ending her Hass season just before the heat wave negatively impacted her six-acre Fallbrook orchard.

Tom Bellamore, president of the California Avocado Commission, isn’t quite sure of the long-term damage the three-digit heat wave may have caused. “After the heat, it takes a while for the effects to manifest themselves, so at this point, we’re uncertain if there is a loss or not to next year’s crop,” says Bellamore.

So not only is there avocado damage, but we don’t even know how bad the damage is. YIKES.